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Be the best you can be with Dodd & Co Men’s Grooming products

The modern man is experiencing a welcome renaissance encompassing a level of personal care once only attained by Gentlemen. Not so anymore – with the care and assistance of men’s grooming emporiums such as Dodd & Co, the real Gentleman is back. Today, men want to protect and care for their assets; their skin, face and hair, in much the same way as in a bygone golden era. As a result, looking after yourself and your appearance is now firmly established as de rigueur.

Here at Dodd & Co, we’ve been immersed in the rich sub-culture of the Barber Shop for many years. Furthermore, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the increasing popularity of traditional barbershop services. As a result, along with providing a first-class barber service, we’ve also been supplying and developing a fantastic range of specialist men’s grooming products. For many years, particularly here in Australia, there’s been a void of quality products for men to choose from. Consequently, to fill that void, we now offer a premium range of men’s grooming products that we’ve procured and honed over the years. Many of the products are Australian made, others are selected imports that are the pick of the bunch.

Presenting yourself as the best you can be has never been easier. Rest assured, we have men’s grooming products for all your needs. Our range includes nourishing shampoos, conditioners, hair repair and care products and styling pomades and creams. In addition, for beards, we have a full range of oils, balms, pomades, and creams all specifically designed to provide the ultimate treatment, care and look your beard deserves. Furthermore, the online range we’re offering at the moment is only a sample of the full range planned for the near future. So please be sure to check in regularly for updates and make sure you register for our fun newsletter for the full ongoing story.

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